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The Noise Out of Deathrealm

Ramblings from Mark Rainey, the Editor Formerly Known as Mr. Deathrealm

2 May
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The Editor Formerly Known as Mr. Deathrealm. Stephen Mark Rainey is also author of the novels BLUE DEVIL ISLAND, THE NIGHTMARE FRONTIER, THE LEBO COVEN, BALAK, and DARK SHADOWS: DREAMS OF THE DARK (with Elizabeth Massie); three short story collections; and over 90 published works of short fiction, which may be found in magazines and anthologies such as CEMETERY DANCE, THE BEST OF CEMETERY DANCE, DARK WISDOM, DARK DISCOVERIES, HIGH SEAS CTHULHU, HORRORS BEYOND II, and many others. In addition to editing DEATHREALM for a decade, he has edited the anthologies DEATHREALMS (it's true), SONG OF CTHULHU, and EVERMORE (with James Robert Smith). Mark lives in Greensboro, NC, with his wife Peggy.